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[评论] Chise:评论了I.Fairy Hydro Grey Contact Lenses (2019-04-13 05:42:10)5
my favourite!! love it
[评论] Azumicosplay:评论了Pofee Hydro Seattle Ice Gray (2019-02-22 03:45:00)5
I'm in love with it. Comfortable, quality lenses is an excellent product.
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Vassen / Fynale Glamourous Pink (2019-02-05 07:23:08)5
These are the first ever contact lenses I've purchased, so I was very nervous. They are really high quality though! They look beautiful. I do suggest buying these, honestly.
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了EOS Super Neon Gray Contact Lens (2018-11-11 13:05:20)5
Are you sending to Brazil?
Yes, we send worldwide
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Pofee Boo Grey Contact Lenses (2018-08-09 02:55:27)5
De donde es la empresa?
We are from Malaysia
[评论] captainwwwolf:评论了Pofee 7 Colourful Blue Circle Lens (2018-08-02 06:04:15)5
Very good lenses ! The color is super nice.
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了PLATINUM WHITENING SKIN INJECTION SET NO.1 (JAPAN) (2018-06-07 06:59:19)5
how much?
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Lily 3 Tone Brown (similar as Cosmo Glamour Brown) (2018-04-25 05:26:40)4
Shipping was fast as promised and the contacts are comfortable however I do still feel them in my eye enlargement 5/5 and They look 80% natural
[评论] planetboy:评论了Vassen Cloud Nine Brown (2018-04-09 13:03:07)5
Very nice! Comfortable and easy to see out of.
[评论] 匿名用户:评论了Pofee 7 Colourful Pink Circle Lens (2018-03-24 23:13:11)4
I really love these lenses they work very well my only small complaint is it doesn't show as well in regular light than it does in natural light but they are still amazing they are only ever so slightly bigger than the color of your eye and work well with my hazel brown eyes!
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