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[Comment] krisdoll:feeds of user commentedGeo Princess Mimi Sesame Gray Lens (2011-05-03 03:07:23)5
My favorite grey lens of all time, beautiful design mixes a beautiful brown in the inner ring and blends gorgeously with your natural eye color, halo/dolly eyed effect is very obvious with these lenses I got a toooon of compliments with these lenses, can't say enough about the amazing way these contacts look in photos and in person hands down. Comfortable, for a 15mm lens it does feel a little uncomfortable after 6-8hr wear but like any other circle lens try to avoid prolong wear or use Lycee drops in the mean time ^.^ A must have for me, get these they're AWESOME lenses....
[Comment] krisdoll:feeds of user commentedSKIN79 [VIP GOLD] Super Plus BB Cream (2011-05-02 07:34:29)5
Love the light floral scent, consistency found it a little to grey for my complexion but quick fix to that is mix it in with your existing foundation and "poof" problem solved! I have yet to document the long lasting effects but so far I've noticed it has a nice coverage it's more on the creamy side and not watery so in Hawaii thats a great thing since everything here seems to melt off =/ Instantly gives you that great matte flawless look, very little goes a very long way also maybe not suggested as a base for not makeup since the SPF content is pretty high it may give off that ghostly effect, not a good look. Overall I love this new BB cream can't wait to see what else it does for my skin in the future. Thanks you Shoppingholics.com for finally enabling me to get such amazing products!! =D
[Comment] krisdoll:feeds of user commentedGeo Angel Brown Circle Lens (2011-05-02 07:27:41)5
Amazing lens, love the color, design, comfortability gives off a beautiful dolly eyed halo effect and since I've worn them out I got tons of compliments, gorgeous in pictures as well! A must have in brown circle lens essentials get it you will not be sorry <3
[Comment] krisdoll:feeds of user commentedJapan Barbie Eye Super Nudy 16.0mm-Pink (2011-05-02 07:20:46)5
Looooooove these new pink lenses I got, looking at all of the mixed reviews out there revolving Pink Circle lenses I liked the outcomes the best out of these. Gorgeous design, super duper comfortable, beautiful color may come off as a little on the violet side on my brown eyes but I am in LOVE with Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pinks period! Definitely get these if you haven't I'm buying more in the future...love love LOOOOOOVE them =D
[Comment] beckycd:feeds of user commentedEOS Candy Pink/Sakura Pink Circle Lens (2011-04-18 18:27:55)5
Great service from Shoppingholics! I'm in love with this Circle Lens! I'll create a look with them for my blog as soon as possible (^_^)
Admin Replay
Thanks for your support!^^
[Comment] beckycd:feeds of user commentedMy Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask (2011-04-18 18:26:40)5
I've just received this mask, and the Honey Strawberry Mask too! And they are just amazing! It's a pity that they are so hard to find from Spain. Thank you Shoppingholics for giving me the chance to try this mask! The packaging is really really cute (^_^)
Admin Replay
welcome, we are glad to hear you statisfied! n_n
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedGeo BC-102 Brown Circle Lens (2011-04-15 14:34:58)5
I ordered these about 2 and a half weeks ago. At first I thought it was taking a while, but I went back on the website and realized it said 3-4 weeks, so I was lucky to get them as soon as I did! Overall I rate these lenses very good! I got them on sale so they were cheap with a small shipping charge, and most of all I was SO impressed with the PACKAGING! I got a free lenses case and 3 other cute gifts along with a super adorable 'thank-you' note. <3 The owner obviously put alot of thought and effort into the packaging which I found super super sweet. I was very happy with the lenses also! There pretty comfortable! Wore them all day (I haven't worn lenses all day in a while) and didn't feel much discomfort till the end of the day (which happens with most contacts in general) Great for a subtle yet eye-opening look. I have colored eyes so I was a bit wary about what they would look like, but found that they add an interesting darkness to my eyes(my natural eye color is blue). Overall I really like the way it looks!!! Very impressed with everything! I would recommend them to anyone!!! Will probably be buying from this store again in the future! Thank you so much for everything!! xoxo Christina [Milkyhime] ♥♥
[Comment] mirajana:feeds of user commentedGeo Angel Gray Circle Lens (2011-04-12 21:34:18)5
I love them!!!!^____^ and the packaging was sooo cute!!thank you so much!
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedContact Lens Travel Kit Case-Flower (Black) (2011-04-02 07:14:05)5
When will you be getting this back in stock??
Admin Replay
We just restock, you may place order.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedGeo Xtra WT-B64 Forest Brown 15mm (2011-03-16 23:25:48)5
I love these i look like a total curly haired baby doll! im working on my review now!

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